Nobody does it all by themselves.

Very true.

So we'd like to give a shout out to some of those that have helped us with their inspiration, experience, skills and genius:

Greg Walsh - for his mentoring and mastery of all things music. Greg has masterminded the sound of Kate Bush, Pink Floyd, Tina Turner and just about everybody and everything from the 80s onwards. Please check him out at

Bill Smith - for his creative and artistic talent - and for his patience with us on the photoshoots.  Bill is head honcho at Bill Smith Studios and has been responsible for many of the most striking album cover designs ever produced. Please be stunned (and tick off the albums you have in your own collection):

Ian Clayton (and Caron) at Montesa Audio recording studios - for taking us in and treating us as professionals even before we started sounding anywhere close. You can book in your own band for some days in the sunshine here:

Philip Lawvere (or, as we know him, Philip Lavere) - for giving us our name and a gentle shove in the general direction of good things. Philip is one of those incredible people who doesn't shout about his achievements - but when you read what he's done and see the designs he's produced then you'll probably say "omg *I've* got that t-shirt!!!)" - check him out here:

Pablo Navarro - for producing our latest video (for Man At My Door) - cinematic genius!

Manu Tortosa - for being such a bad baddie in the new Man At My Door video. Boooh!!!! Hisssss!

So to the above listed, and to many others who we'll try and name here soon - THANK YOU.